What is Plant-Only?

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Plant-Only is Healthy

Plant-Only is an eating plan designed for optimal human health. As such, it is designed to be the standard eating plan of the future. This can be implemented today by the masses! Likewise, it is sustainable for the population of the Earth today.

The Past is Past

We do not engage in endless debates about the past, and what people back then may or may not have done or eaten. Instead, we are concerned with the Anthropocentric Age and the ways man has changed our environment. Plus the changing requirements of human health and the health of all Sentient Beings.

Pseudoscience Studies

Likewise, we have no need for industry-funded pseudoscience studies, which are carefully designed to increase product sales and corporate or individual profits. “Studies” that have little to no actual value to improve the life of any Sentient Being.


Instead we recognize the value and wisdom in the knowledge that actually works, repeatedly. For example, Anti-Nutrients may be of some small concern, but a simple variety of foods, as the Japanese understand, can resolve the anti-nutrient issue with no further adue.


Picotoxins, on the other hand, are poisons that cause actual damage to the human body, which gives way to part of the Plant-Only Axiom:

“Poison Trumps Nutrition.
Poison may be Nutrients!”

As picotoxin damage accumulates in the human body it leads to picotoxima. Picotoxima is expressed as heart attacks, strokes, kidney damage, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and many other “lifestyle” diseases and disorders that profit food, medical and pharmaceutical industries greatly.

Value and Wisdom in Knowledge

Mothers have known throughout the ages the wisdom they tell their children,

Eat your vegetables, they make you strong and well!”

No Resuxtion of Mortality

Nonetheless, there is no scientific evidence that eating Meat, Eggs, Dairy, and highly processed, picotoxin rich “Stuff” (food/poison) has ever cured a case of heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. Quite the opposite is true. There is no reduction in mortality by the increased consumption of animal products. In fact the opposite is true

“To get rid of Meds, get rid of M.E.D.S.”
~ ~ Pop VeKind ~ ~

M.E.D.S are Meat, Eggs, Dairy, and “Stuff” (which is highly processed). These contain the largest amounts of picotoxins. Then you can learn the small number of “exceptions.”

The following checklist or cheat sheet will help you determine what is actually Plant-Only and healthy to eat.

A Plant-Only Eating Plan Is:

­čö╣Human Healthy.


­čö╣´ŞĆWholeistic (Whole-istic mostly whole-fyuel, minimally processed, avoiding Picotoxins).

­čö╣´ŞĆHigh-Fiber. (Eat a verity of plants as grown.)

­čö╣´ŞĆLow-Fat. (<20% of calories from fat)

­čö╣´ŞĆAvoid Picotoxins.

­čö╣Environmentally Healthy.

­čö╣Nonviolent and avoiding criminal acts like:

  • Avoid the following:
    • Disturbing the peace.
    • Yelling or using a megaphone within a business establishment without the permission of the owner.
    • Trespassing.
    • Theft, burglary, or robbery.
    • Arson or destruction of another’s property.
    • Fighting, or doing bodily harm.
    • Advocating violence toward any Sentient Being.


­čö╣Healthy Toward All Sentient Beings.


­čö╣Peaceful (“Peace Begins on My Plate!”).





Plant-Only and Self-Identity

  • All who self-identify as VeKind, will also follow a healthy Plant-Only eating plan.
  • Many who self-identify as “Vegan” or “Strict Vegetarian” may also be Plant-Only.
  • Those who self identify as being TransVeKind or Replacetarian are transitioning to a Plant-Only eating plan.
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