The Plant-Only Plan for Health!

Plant-Only is NOT a diet, it is A PLAN for Healthy Eating!

A diet is usually a temporary effort for some short term goal. For example, to lose 5Kg (11lbs) before attending your high school reunion.

Plant-Only is a Lifetime Plan for eating, that produces a Healthy Life. Some would call this a Lifestyle as the “end goal” is an ongoing healthy life. Or perhaps, there is no “end goal”, so there is no end!

Below are articles that reveal what Plant-Only is, and how to do it and get the Plant-Only benefits. Elaewhere on this website are articales telling what Plant-Only is not,

About Plant-Only

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Plant-Only is the official healthy eating plan for the VeKind Revolution., As well it is used by many Vegans , Strict Vegetarians and others who want to improve their health.

What is Plant-Only?

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Plant-Only is Healthy Plant-Only is an eating plan designed for optimal human health. As such, it is designed to be the standard eating plan of the future. This can be implemented today by the masses! Likewise, it is sustainable for … Read More

Lotsa Phiber – More Fiber – Lots of Fiber!

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Lotsa Phiber (Lots of Fiber!) is the first of the LP Directives in the Plant-Only Plan! Any honest researcher will tell you that fiber is the number one nutritional deficiency of Terrans (humans).  The overriding objective of living Plant-Only is … Read More

Plant-Based Diet Myths Revealed – Not Plant-Only

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Plant-Based is far less than Plant-Only. Every time I hear the term “Plant-Based diet“ I think of how ridiculous it seems. First of all, it is a diet (the problem with a diet is it begins with the word Die!).  … Read More