The Plant-Only Plan for Health!

Plant-Only is NOT a diet, it is A PLAN for Healthy Eating!

A diet is usually a temporary effort for some short term goal. For example, to lose 5Kg (11lbs) before attending your high school reunion.

Plant-Only is a Lifetime Plan for eating, that produces a Healthy Life. Some would call this a Lifestyle as the “end goal” is an ongoing healthy life. Or perhaps, there is no “end goal”, so there is no end!

Below are articles that reveal what Plant-Only is, and how to do it and get the Plant-Only benefits. Elaewhere on this website are articales telling what Plant-Only is not,

Lotsa Phiber – More Fiber – Lots of Fiber!

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Lotsa Phiber (Lots of Fiber!) is the first of the LP Directives in the Plant-Only Plan! Any honest researcher will tell you that fiber is the number one nutritional deficiency of Terrans (humans).  The overriding objective of living Plant-Only is … Read More

Plant-Based Diet Myths Revealed – Not Plant-Only

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Plant-Based is far less than Plant-Only. Every time I hear the term “Plant-Based diet“ I think of how ridiculous it seems. First of all, it is a diet (the problem with a diet is it begins with the word Die!).  … Read More