When I was a kid we had LP records.

To be clear, these were Phonograph records, used to play music long before USB’s, DVD’s or even the nearly obsolete CD’s.  Before CD’s there were 8-track and cassette tapes.  Before cassette tapes, there were the vinyl 33 rpm disks we called an “album” or “Long Play” or “LP”.  The 45 rpm disks we called “Singles” or “45s!” My parents and grand parents music was recorded on heavy (and brittle) Shellac records we called “78s” (they turned at 78 rpm).

Long Play (LP)

(LP – like the old music records!)

When I was a kid we had LP records.  “LP stood for “Long Play!”

Life also has a LP Plan!


Plant-Only Plan

The LP Plan for life is called Plant-Only.   The Plant-Only Plan (POP) is built on the LP Directives or principles to help you have a Long Play (Long-Life!).

LP Directives are not intended to be fanatical rules, nor unbreakable dogma.

The LP Directives are guiding principles in the quest to save the Earth, and save all the sentient beings who live here, including to ourselves and save us Terrans.

All of the LP Directives come together at a single, critical point, Plant-Only!  The Plant-Only Plan and the LP Directives are all about the Future!  Terrans and all other Earthlings are not prepared for the death of the Earth and we will perish with it.

Plant-Only is not about endless debates concerning what our Paleolithic ancestors ate.  There is a lot of proof they were mostly foragers/scavengers.  The “hunter-gather” myth was just a lie to sell books and make money and does not stand up to scientific criticisms (Paleo has been thoroughly debunked many times!).  In the same way, Plant-Only rejects Plant-Based Diets as well as a Junk-Food Vegan Diet.

Likewise, Plant-Only is not a discussion, nor an argument, about “what humans evolved to eat.” Medical research has already solved, and answered, that question for us.  It is a fact that of the TOP 16 causes of death in Human Beings, ALL 16 are related to the consumption of animal protein.  Medical science has now proven that only a well formed or well planned Plant-Only Eating Plan can lessen, prevent, and sometimes cure, these leading causes of death.

The Terran Species-Specific Diet must be Plant-Only.

The Earth’s Destruction

There is no question that Human Beings are destroying the Earth and all Sentient Beings who live here, including ourselves.  This is not centuries, nor even decades away.  It is now and accelerating.

Three Billion Sentient Beings will be Killed on Earth Today

That is obscene.

The Earth is dying due to our actions of pleasure and greed.  We are killing the Earth, and killing ourselves.

The super-rich and powerful have a plan for this, kill most of the human population of the Earth that are not the super-rich. The plan is simple, those who are VeKind understand how the super-rich are killing off the poor, middle class, and simple rich.  If you do not have a billion dollars in gold under your bed right now, there is little chance you will survive.

However, VeKinds and TransVeKinds have discovered a weakness in the super-rich’s plan to murder billions of Terrans soon.  It would require only 20% of people who are consuming animal protein today, to transition to the healthier, ethical philosophy and lifestyle of Being VeKind.

To this end, that VeKinds work to save Trillions of Earthlings, and save Billions of Terrans, and save the very Earth itself from the fast coming destruction… We present the Plant-Only Plan and the LP Directives, which we believe represent the only health improving, human species-specific diet, and future survival plan for most of the sentient beings on the Earth.

The LP Directives

Below are the LP Directives. We will be improving this list with links from each one to pages with more in-depth explanations. Until then, this is a good outline of what Plant-Only is all about.

1. Low Processed
2. Low Protein
3. Low Phat (Low Fat)
4. Lotsa Phiber (Fiber!)
5. Live Purposely!
6. Low Pain (Be Kind – Be VeKind!)
7. Lotsa Plants!
8. Live Productively!
9. Long Play (Moving!)

The above nine LP directives from POP will help make you healthy and allow you the tenth and maybe the best LP of all…

10. Live-long & Prosper!