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Lotsa Phiber (Lots of Fiber!) is the first of the LP Directives in the Plant-Only Plan! Any honest researcher will tell you that fiber is the number one nutritional deficiency of Terrans (humans).  The overriding objective of living Plant-Only is health.

The Simple Things Matter Most

In the movie The Wedding Singer, Julia says, “I think it’s the little things that count.”  How true! Often in life, it is the little, simple things, that matter the most.

Scurvy is caused by not eating enough vitamin C.

Beriberi is caused by not eating enough vitamin B1 (thiamine).

It takes very little of these, simple to get vitamins, to prevent people from dying, yet, people still die from this.  The problem is simple, the solution is simple, but still people still die.

Colon Cancer

Today many people die from colon cancer.  Colon cancer, we are told, is largely caused by a combination of 1) Not enough water in our feces and 2) Eating toxic levels of animal protein (with heme iron, hormones, etc.).  Things like not enough moving (exercise) play a part also.  In other words, colon cancer is largely a lifestyle disease that we give to ourselves.

Not enough water in our feces does not always translate to dehydration.  It is possible to be hydrated and not have enough water in your feces! Why?

A Simple Little Thing Called Fiber!

Our Terran bodies do not digest fiber. That is a simple fact.  Likewise, fiber absorbs and holds water, so fiber carries water into our feces.  It’s that simple.

What about hydration?

Our bodies need water for virtually every process, so hydration is important. Terrans are efficient at extracting water from whatever we swallow. Our intestines (both small and large) extract water from what we eat and put it into our blood to be eliminated by our kidneys through urine, and through our skin as sweat.

Notice that no water is left for our feces! That is, except for the water trapped inside the fiber!  Therefore, to get more water into the feces, we must eat Lots of Fiber!

Plant-Only To Get More Fiber?

That’s simple, whole plants!  The Plant-Only Plan of eating whole plants only, will give you plenty of fiber, as well as water and vitamins and most everything you need to be healthy.

What to avoid – No Fiber

What should I avoid, because it has no fiber?

The processed foods like dairy, eggs, meat, and simple carbohydrates like sugar, honey and white flour.  You can do a simple test with your eyes to see if something is processed, just remember these words…

“Eat Fyuel As Grown!”

POP VeKind (October 1980)

Look at some corn, either on the cob or whole kernel corn in a bowl.  It looks like corn!  Ask a child what it is in most places and they (if they speak English) will quickly tell you it is corn!  Perhaps they will say it is Maize, but in any language, they will know it is corn, it is not processed!


Uncle Fred’s Farm

I lived on my Uncle Fred’s farm for a time as a child. I learned that ALL Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fiber come from Plants!  We feed plants to animals to get what we want – which Uncle Fred told me was called Profit!

As a child I didn’t quite get that Profit part, but in church, I heard about Prophet in the Bible, so I guessed Uncle Fred must be right.

Not a Carnist

I think the idea of a “Carnist”, with some invisible ideology, is pretty lame.  Silly actually.  I knew everything about where my food came from.  Remember that I fed corn to cows, chickens, and pigs, milked the cows, collected the eggs, and when the time came, I helped slaughter them too…

I would hand milk three cows of a mornin’ and evenin’ to give us milk, cheese, and that wonderful homemade ice creme!  From the chickens, we got eggs and fried chicken (I’d hold ’em still and Uncle Fred would chop their head with the ax).  From the pigs, we got tasty bacon (to go with the fried eggs every mornin’ for breakfast), plus hams, ribs and pork chops for dinner.  We also got lard from them. Aunt Ruth would mix the lard with white flour to make the chicken pie crust.  She also made wonderful biscuits and gravy too! Almost forgot, we got steaks, roasts, and burgers from the cows too!

No Carnism Here!

Uncle Fred was well known and respected in that part of the Ozarks.  An honest man, known for telling the truth, although he could spin a good yarn (joke) too!  But in the end, you always got the truth from my Uncle.

I know Uncle Fred told me the truth also, the best he knew it.  “People need protein”, that’s what Uncle Fred would say, “So we feed plants to animals, that make concentrated protein!”  No Carnism there! My Uncle Fred was absolutely correct and truthful!  Uncle Fred was not a Carnist, he was an open and truthful man, nothin’ hidden or invisible ’bout him. He understood the facts of life and health, as most people knew ’em when he was a boy in school.  And Just think, Uncle Fred actually ran that farm for some Prophet! (Or Profit, I was never too good in spellin’!)

My “Great” Uncle

One thing I didn’t tell you about my Uncle Fred was that he was actually my “Great Uncle Fred.”  Now I always thought Uncle Fred was Great! Perhaps even a superhero in disguise like Clark Kent, or Peter Parker, or even Bruce Wayne.  Uncle Fred even owned a Bat Cave! (A cave where bats live!) Uncle Fred could actually get on and ride a horse, all by himself!  What I really meant by “Great Uncle” was that Uncle Fred was the brother of my grandmother!

Older Than Methuselah

In 1964 I was ten years old, but Uncle Fred was “older than the hills” I heard him once say that.  When someone at a barn dance asked Uncle Fred how old he really was, he told them, “I don’t really know, I reckon ’bout three years older than Methuselah!” I think Methuselah was Uncle Fred’s best friend and playmate when they were in grade school together.  The Bible doesn’t talk about Methuselah when he was a boy, that’s why Uncle Fred’s name isn’t in there.

Terrans Should Eat Plant-Only

Anyway, the point is, Uncle Fred was really, really old, and I think that is why his learnin’ was lackin’ a few new discoveries.  For example, I don’t think Uncle Fred knew that Terrans (people or humans, as he would say) are actually animals too.  Terrans should eat plant-only to get plant protein to make their own concentrated protein called our muscles!  He was so old he didn’t know that we need a little plant-only protein, but animal protein poisons our bodies.  I don’t think anyone knew that when Uncle Fred went to grade school with Methuselah at the beginnin’ of time.

So Methuselah, Uncle Fred and I all believed eating Animal Protein was good for us.  That’s what people knew and believed when we went to grade school.  It was sound advice then too, I mean people did survive till now, even if they were not healthy and died early, at least they had kids!

We Were Carnarians!

Thinking about modern terms, Methuselah, Uncle Fred and I were NOT “Carnist”, with an invisible belief.  Everything we did was visible and known in plain sight.  We were actually Carnarians.  We believed in the science of eating animal protein for health.  That science has kept Terrans alive for tens of thousands of years!  Only now do we know that eating a Plant-Only Plan is better for us.

Ride The White Lightning!

I’d like to add that Uncle Fred did know things! Things that people don’t know today.  For example, he could drive his jeep on “white lightlin’!”  When Aunt Ruth would hear him say that, she would always say, with a bit of a scowl on her face… “White Lightning!” Then she would always add, “The only ones that should ride the white lightning are those waiting execution at the prison.” Adults really don’t make sense sometimes.  I did not want Aunt Ruth to be angry with me, but I would still ride with Uncle Fred in his Jeep powered by Lightning.  I do not know anyone today that can make a jeep go, on lightning alone!

High Processed Foods

High Processed Foods include simple carbohydrates like sugar, honey and white flour.  I will cover those in a future page on Low Processed.

Roughage or Fiber

Uncle Fred did understand the need our body has for Fiber, which he called Roughage!  Of an evenin’ we’d go down to the barn to tend the horse.  He’d give the horse a big bucket of Rolled Oats an molasses. Uncle Fred would then get the horse brush and blanket out.  One last thing he would get was a huge handful of Rolled Oats and molasses for himself. (Uncle Fred had huge hands!)  He would then proceed to brush the horse and munch on the Oats in his hand.

One day he forgot to grab a handful of Oats for himself and starting to brush he horse he said, “Oops, almost forgot.”  He then grabbed a hand full of Oats and started munching and brushing.  I asked him, “Uncle, why do you eat a handful of the horse’s oats everyday?”  Uncle Fred, a man of few words while working (but had a gift of gab when he was not), gave me a one word answer…


Straight From The Horses Mouth

Uncle Fred knew our bodies needed Fiber.  As it turns out, a bowl of Rolled Oats (slow cooked or raw oatmeal) with or without a little molasses, is a pretty good thing to eat, even daily.

Modern advice

A really good doctor today will tell you to eat almost all your food as:

1. Plant-Only
1a. No Animal Protein (This is redundant to Plant-Only)
2. Whole Food
3. Half Kilo of Dark Green Leafy Vegetables (including Broccoli)
4. Ten to Twenty Servings of different types of Fruit.
5. Colorful Vegetables (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Purple).
6. No Oil
7.Avoid High Pressed Food

High Processed Food Visual Test

Using the principal, “Eat Food As Grown!” Use your eyes to see the Whole Plant Food When you start to prepare your meal.

Whole Plant Foods

The corn, or beens or potatoes you can clearly see and identify them.

Fruits are obviously fruits!  Even if you slice them.

Dark green leafy vegetables you can plainly see what they are.  Even if you blend your dark green leafy veggies with fruit, you see it going into your blender.  If you are way over weight be careful with blended fruit.

Real Rolled Oats, you can see where the oat was smashed by the heavy roller.

All of the above are considered whole foods.  They are all Plant-Only.

Lets try some more…

Highly Processed Plant Foods

Sugar – do you see a beet?  Or a tall stalk of cane?  No!  Highly processes. (a teaspoon on your oats or in your tea, once or twice a day, may be ok though.

White Flour – Do you really see the wheat grains?  White flour has the fiber removed – Whole wheat flour, that you grind at home with your grinder, may be ok.  Be sure you have no wheat allergy and no Gluten sensitivity or intolerance.  Make double sure you were not born with Celiac Disease.  It always surprises me how many people are actually suffering with Celiac Disease and they do not even know they have it!

Honey – When you look at honey, do you see nectar from inside a flower (with pollen and dust) that has been swallowed by a bee, mixed with gastric juices (like that yellow stuff you see when you vomit) and then vomited by the bee?  Actually, the bee swallows this stuff, and then vomits it out, Fifty times.  Then fans it with its wings to evaporate the water for many hours or days.  Raw Honey is actually highly processed Bee Vomit… Do you look at honey as bee vomit?

Highly Processed Food is actually easy to identify, because when you start preparing it, it does not look like food as grown!

BLT, Chilli and Pizza

If you think you will miss a BLT sandwich, bowl of chili and a slice of pizza, forget that.  I eat Plant-Only, high fiber versions of these often…

Just this week I had a BLT Sandwich (Beans, Lettuce and Tomato, on whole millet, egg & milk free bread.) – Yum!  For those that “need” the bacon taste, try sprinkling imitation bacon bits – it will surprise you!

Likewise a big bowl of Chili-No-Carne – that tasted as good as any my mama used to make, without animal protein in it!

Then there is the whole grain pizza crust (I used millet), add sauce, lots of veggies (whatever you like), extra mushrooms please… (My animal eating friends love this stuff.)  No need for cheese, it just gets in the way and makes it oily.

All the Low Fat, High Fiber Foods You Love!

Ice Cream Sunday

Top that off with an “Ice Cream Sunday” (taste just like vanilla people say – but made of frozen bananas).  Top with strawberries, peaches, or mangoes and viola, a Low Fat, High Fiber “Ice Cream Sunday” for Desert!

Eating Animals Was Never This Enjoyable!

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