Plant-Only Email Rules

Reasons to Email Plant-Only:

  1. I spotted a technical error (spelling, grammar, etc.) and want to help fix it.
  2. I have a unique article (not published anywhere else) that I would like you to edit and publish.
  3. I read the FAQs and used the search box and searched the Plant-Only website for an answer, but I still have a specific question about the Plant-Only Plan.
  4. I would like to see an article about a specific topic,
  5. I would like to collaborate with you on a specific topic,
  6. I would like Marie to pass a very important message to Pop VeKind. Please?
  7. I think your website is wrong on a very specific issue, and I can prove it!
  8. I want to send you a book to read/review. If appropriate it will be donated to the VeKind Libary for others to read.
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