Email Plant-Only

Reasons to Email Plant-Only:

  1. I spotted a technical error (spelling, grammar, etc.) and want to help fix it.
  2. I have a unique article (not published anywhere else) that I would like you to edit and publish.
  3. I read the FAQs and used the search box and searched the Plant-Only website for an answer, but I still have a specific question about the Plant-Only Plan.
  4. I would like to see an article about a specific topic,
  5. I would like to collaborate with you on a specific topic,
  6. I would like Marie to pass a very important message to Pop VeKind. Please?
  7. I think your website is wrong on a very specific issue, and I can prove it!
  8. I want to send you a book to read/review. If appropriate it will be donated to the VeKind Libary for others to read.

Stop By

“The City of Gentle People!”

Dumaguete City, Republika ng Pilipinas
(Republic of the Philippines)

We would love to welcome you to Dumaguete City, “The City of Gentle People!” However, currently, Dumaguete, and the whole Province of Negros Oriental, is having a Covid-19 Crisis and the government will arrest anyone on the street without a pass (to buy food or medicines) or without a face-mask!